It’s so cute to see her on Dancing Down Under and she’s got no idea that she’ll win in a few more years :’)

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Me and my ‘not so little’ cousin, Tess, met @chloelukasiak33 and @dancemomchristi yesterday in Manchester 👯 #cute #manchester #dancemoms #tallblondeishere


Would anyone be interested in buying my dress? She’s a one year old Doire, only been worn five times. COVERED in crystals, and all the pink on the bodice is gorgeous lace overlay. Would fit around a juniors dress size 7-11. We’re asking $1,500 obo. I really need to sell her! (I’m trying to pay for that gorgeous red dress!) (Her name is Dolores) (please reblog!)

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Doire Dress Designs

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Thank god I learnt to turn my feet out

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Niamh Neale in her old dress


Niamh Neale in her old dress

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